kleebtronics Modular Bike Display

Modular CNC Bike Display

This modular display was custom built for the NYC-based bike shop NYCeWheels, located on the upper east side of Manhattan. I had worked in this shop as a sales associate and electric bike technician from 2009 to 2011.


I met with Peter, the manager of NYCeWheels, to talk about a modular bike display that could be used at festivals and events to display folding bicycles. The display needed to break down easily so it could be stored in a compact place. It also fits with the shop's folding bicycle mentality that everything should be as small as possible.

It was important that the display was eye-catching. We decided that a CNC-designed wooden shelf could allow for unique designs in the wood. We also wanted to light the bikes, and have a rotating bicycle on the top powered by a motor.


The first model was cut out of 3/4" MDF on a full sheet of plywood at Southside Design and Building. However, because the size of the CNC bed was limited to 4' x 8', the circular shelves could only be cut to have a 4' diameter. Each shelf slotted into the tripod using dovetail joinery.

The final version was cut on 3/4" plywood. In order to make the shelves larger, the circular shape was changed to a rounded triangle, where the points would intersect with the tripod. Each shelf was sectioned into three equal parts, and bolted together using aluminum L-brackets and insert nuts. To hide the bolts, strips of white LEDs were velcroed to the underside of the L-bracket, illuminating the shelf underneath.

The motor mount on top was fabricated by Peter from NYCeWheels and used an aluminum channel to hold the wheels of the Brompton folding bike that rotated on top. To hold the bike in place, we used velcro straps, grommets, and threaded rods. Unused LED strips were mounted below the rotating bike to illuminate the underside of the mount.


The display made its debut at Bike To Work Day 2014, sponsored by Transportation Alternatives. Keep an eye out around New York City for more events to feature this display, and check out the NYCeWheels Blog to see where it might end up next!