kleebtronics jewelry

Laser-Cut Jewelry

All of the jewelry shown here is fabricated on a laser cutter using different types of acrylic.

Fractal Tree

For this design, I took a fractal tree pattern from my Nature of Code class at ITP and exported the sketch as a PDF file.

Then, I imported the file into Illustrator to create the cuts and etches for the laser.

I tested the pattern on cardboard first, then set up the final cut on the acrylic.

Other Earrings

These designs were cut on 1/8" black acrylic. Some of the designs can be purchased on my Etsy Store.


This ring was designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut on 1/4" black acrylic

The rabbit knuckles were designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut on 1/8" gold acrylic.

Custom designs can be made by request. Contact me for prices and color options.