kleebtronics zorb


zOrb is a wireless, programmable media controller designed to enhance the performance of musicians and visual artists.


Programming, Physical Design: Mark Kleback
Programming, Physical Design: Ryan Viglizzo
Content, Interaction Design: Rose Schlossberg


Digital musicians frequently rely on laptops to control many parts of their performances. We set out to design a device that could be used to remotely control parameters in a program without having to rely on laptop controls.


The zOrb consists of an Arduino Mini, a Bluetooth transmitter, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a 2-axis gyroscope. Using serial communication on the Bluetooth port, we are able to get the data from the accelerometer and gyroscope and use it in programs such as Max/MSP or PureData.


Benedetta Piantella and the Intro to Physical Computing class at ITP, Hans Christoph-Steiner and the Intro to Dataflow Programming class, and Tony Lim